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Click on any of the buttons to hear a demo mix. Also, you can use the VoiceZam player directly. Demo categories:

  1. Narration. Clips range from authoritative guidance to whimsical documentary to a warm, thoughtful tour.
  2. Commercial. Explore clips conveying an innovative PSA approach, luxury, quirkiness, and a “granola-like” casual feel.
  3. B2B Commercial. These clips communicate a sense of urgency, a call-to-action, for business owners – hopefully prompting the owners to act before it is too late. My voice exhibits a deeper pitch with a more serious tone.
  4. Commercial – Sports. I included clips that range from promo style to human-interest stores.


Voice Over

Commercials, white-board animation, corporate narration, video, e-learning, explainer video, training video, internet video, TV project, educational script, IVR prompts, on-hold message, church announcements, tutorial, medical, technical, legal.

Content Generation

In addition to voice work, I can provide copywriting and content support. I edited, and in some cases originally wrote, my demo material.

Event Host & Emcee

I am an experienced and skilled group host and facilitator. I am available to emcee or facilitate live events and meetings – when you need a “voice” to drive energy and engagement.

Free Demo

Maybe you have a specific project in mind. Or, you may be simply ideating on a concept. Contact me for a free demo. Send me a sample script, video, or slide, plus any direction. I will turn-around a free demo for your evaluation and to support your concept development.

About Me

I am a Modern Majure Gentleman. My voice, as well as my personality, evokes a Gentleman’s persona with a modern twist. Though I am finishing out my fifth decade, I have a vibrant tech industry career as a Program Management Director, working with and managing younger people in a fast-changing business. I grow my skills by taking acting and improv classes. In addition to voice work, I am an ensemble singer and President of the Whidbey Community Chorus. Finally, I am an Edge Studio Approved Voice Talent.



My studio includes Cubase (including VST Dynamics and a FabFilter Pro-DS plugin) with a Steinberg UR12, an Audio Technica AT4050 microphone. I support directed sessions using Skype, ipDTL, and Source Connect. Additionally, I use Clatter & Din for larger projects.

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email: robert@majurevoice.com phone: 206-960-2891 Skype: rgmajure